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Violence Against Women Programs

24 Hour Confidential Crisis Line: 1.866.993.2339

Are you being abused? Are you:

  • Constantly being put down or harassed?
  • Finding it difficult to leave the house?
  • Not allowed to have your own friends?
  • Made to feel stupid or worthless?
  • Being threatened to be harmed if you seek help?

You Should Know...

  • You are not alone. Violence and abuse happens to many women - an estimated 1 in 8 are battered by their significant other and any woman can be a victim.
  • You do not cause the abuse. An abuser has learned to use violence as a means of control.
  • You do not have to put up with it.  No one has the right to treat you badly. You have the right to live without fear of violence and abuse.
  • Ignoring abuse is dangerous. Even the threat of abuse should be considered a danger signal. It will very likely happen again. Abuse usually only gets worse.

We Can Help.

The CMHA Cochrane-Timiskaming Branch's Violence Against Women Programs are part of an array of services that support women and children in Timmins and area. Since its inception in 1985, Tranquility House Women's Shelter and our other Violence Against Women Services have provided services to more than 2,500 women and their children who are or have been in abusive situations.

Tranquility House Women's Shelter located outside the City of Timmins, is a secure 10-bed home accessible to women and children with a range of special needs. A woman can come here to protect herself and her child(ren) from violence and abuse. In our supportive environment, a women can focus on her personal needs and make positive decision for herself and her children.

For more information about Tranquility House, please call 1.705.273.2339

24 hour crisis line - 1.866.993.2339

A trained worker will provide you with emotional support and practical assistance if you are in an abusive situation. Call anytime, night or day.

Child Support Program

For more information on our Child Support Program offered to children whether staying at Tranquility House or in the community, click here.

Community Outreach Program

Information and support is available for women in the community dealing with domestic violence situations. To learn more about the Community Outreach Program, click here.

Transitional/Housing Support Program

What help is available if you are leaving an abusive situation and seeking a new home? For more information on the Transitional/Housing Support Program, click here.

Other Violence Against Women Programs

If what we offer is not a good fit for you, we would be pleased to help you connect with different services and supports such as these programs in the Timmins and Timiskaming  areas that help women experiencing domestic violence: