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Take Stock of Your Mental Health

How are you doing? Are you simply having a bad week, or are you experiencing something more significant? The following resources can help you determine the present state of your mental health, and if you might consider looking for additional help. Caveat: If you feel you have significant mental health issues, none of these tests can replace talking with a mental health professional.


We hear about stress all the time, and how it can have a negative affect on our health. But how do you know if the stress you are feeling is a cause for concern, or simply normal? We have developed an online test that will help you gain a better understanding of your State of Stress. Click here to take this anonymous test.

Mental Health For Life

This test will help you determine such things as your life-work balance and show you how your lifestyle is adding to your mental health, or putting it at risk. Coming soon.

Mental Health and Physical Health

Mental health and physical health go hand in hand. This simple test shows where you stand physically and how it might be affecting your mental health. Coming soon.